Strawberry Balsamic with Goat Cheese

Strawberry Balsamic Goat CheeseThe inspiration for this ice cream comes from the Strawberry Balsamic chocolate truffle in our Goat Cheese Collection (available at our chocolate shop next door: 674 South Avenue). Fresh chevre from Lively Run Goat Diary in Interlaken, NY and strawberries from Hurd Orchards enhance each others’ flavors for an ice cream that is tart, fruity and rich.The balsamic vinegar reduction marbled throughout provides an acidity that contrasts and complements the rest of the ice cream.

2 thoughts on “Strawberry Balsamic with Goat Cheese

  1. I have never had better ice cream. After Hedonist I can’t go back to store bought freezer burned and preserved ice cream. With quality as exceptional, service unparalleled, servings as generous and flavors perfected, I just cannot say enough about their ice cream!

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