Cranberry and Apple Flavors for Thanksgiving

Apple Pie ice cream and Cranberry sorbetThis week we’re releasing two new flavors to celebrate Thanksgiving: Apple Pie ice cream and Cranberry sorbet!

Celebrate one of America’s favorite desserts and our community of small businesses with a scoop of our new Apple Pie ice cream. We start, as always, with fresh cream from Pittsford Farms Dairy, this time blended with sour cream for an extra tang. Then we cooked down heirloom apples from K&S Bischoping Farms in Williamson, NY to make a spicy apple compote laced with honey from Doan Honey Farms in Spencerport, NY. Add a crunchy streusel topping made by our friends at Cheesy Eddie’s Bakery just up the street, and you’ve got a perfect fall ice cream: rich dairy alongside tart and spicy apples, punctuated by bursts of sugar and spice from the streusel.

It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without cranberries! Inspired by our favorite cranberry sauces, this sorbet blends fresh cranberries with orange and rosemary. The result is an aromatic and tart sorbet with rich herbal notes, a delightful texture and a clean, fruity finish. Like all our sorbets, the Cranberry is completely dairy-free.

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