Bacon Peanut Caramel Featured in Parade

Bacon Peanut CaramelOur Bacon Peanut Caramel ice cream is featured in this Parade magazine write up Cold Snap: 7 Funky Ice Cream Flavors!  They write “Bacon might sound like a wacky flavor, but compared with this shop’s other offerings (like Thai curry), it’s practically tame.” It is a smooth caramel ice cream filled with tasty bits of crisp, salty bacon and peanuts. We typically reserve this flavor for Father’s Day but it’s been quite popular so we brought it back. You can get it at the shop today, along with a free scoop of our limited edition Toffee Chocolate Swirl ice cream. We’re open 10am-9pm. If you’re out of town, we now offer shipping. If you’d like Hedonist Ice Cream shipped directly to you, review our Shipping page and then give us a call at 585-461-2815.

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