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The Hoe-Down About Hootenanny

Harvest Hootenanny banner

This Saturday, October 3 marks the start of South Wedge’s second annual Hootenanny, but, what in the darn tootin’ is a hootenanny? Simply put, a party!

Dukkah Honey Doesn’t Disappoint

Dukkah Honey Ice Cream

We may be experiencing the last throes of summer here, in Rochester, but it’s always summer in Saharan Egypt, the home of the Dukkah spice mix that forms the base of our latest limited edition flavor. Traditionally, Dukkah was a staple among the Egyptian peasantry. After coarsely grinding up whatever nuts were on hand with… Continue reading

Veritably Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Ice Cream

Exotic and adventurous ice creams, like our Earl Grey Chocolate (featured as a limited edition flavor just earlier this week), aren’t for everyone. Oftentimes our customers walk in and just want something simple, and what is more classic and wholly satisfying than a well-executed vanilla? But, surprisingly, vanilla ice cream isn’t as straightforward as it seems. This… Continue reading

The Scoop on Some Local Ice Cream Hot Spots

Rochester’s own Democrat & Chronicle featured us in its roundup of local ice cream shops in July. Adena Miller highlighted our tendency to include “classic desserts, such as baklava and truffles” in our super-premium ice cream… Continue reading

Booze in Sorbet

A well-crafted cocktail is only second to a dish of artisan sorbet (and maybe a truffle too). But sometimes, two worlds collide, and what you get is the best of both. Our newly crafted Blackcurrant Sorbet is sultry purple in color and packs a powerful, tart punch. But, there’s something that gives it an extra flavor… Continue reading

Behind the Counter: Flavor Inspiration

Carrot Cake Ice Cream, as created by head chocolatier Joya Wade.

Have you ever wondered how we come up with unique flavors or how we always find something different to create? Our chocolatiers Joya Wade and Janiqwa Campbell recently expressed their flavor inspiration process when making our delicious ice cream and sorbet. Joya takes advantage of ice cream as a blank canvas, as it’s so good… Continue reading

Strawberry Basil Sorbet

Strawberry Basil

We just can’t get enough of Hurd Orchard’s delicious strawberries, and after pairing them with both local cream and local goat cheese, we knew it was time for them to shine in a dairy-free sorbet. Chardonnay Champagne from Hunt Country Vineyards on Keuka Lake makes the strawberries even brighter, and the infusion of fresh, local… Continue reading

Eggnog Ice Cream


It wouldn’t be Christmastime in an ice cream shop without eggnog ice cream! As always, we start with a base of fresh cream from Pittsford Farms Dairy, which we infuse with tons of freshly ground and toasted nutmeg. A generous dose of brandy livens up the ice cream just before we freeze it. The final… Continue reading

Olive Oil and Honey Ice Cream

Olive Oil and Honey Ice Cream

Foods cooked with oil are traditional around Hannukah, in memory of the miracle of the oil lamps. We decided to make an olive oil ice cream here at Hedonist in honor of the Festival of Light. This ice cream is anchored by fresh dairy from Pittsford Farms, into which we mixed a blend of extra… Continue reading

Candy Cane Ice Cream

Candy Cane Ice Cream

Candy canes are a classic holiday confection, so we wanted to make an ice cream in homage to our favorite hook-shaped treat. We infuse fresh cream from Pittsford Farms Dairy with organic peppermint, then layer in our house-made chocolate sauce and crushed candy canes. The candy cane melts into the ice cream, forming pockets of… Continue reading