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The LOVEliest combination #4

Peanut Butter and Jelly Ice Cream

Valentine’s Day 2016, here we come! We present you with our fourth LOVEliest combination: a cup of Peanut Butter and Jelly ice cream!

The LOVEliest combination #3

Espresso on spoon

Valentine’s Day 2016, here we come! We present you with our third LOVEliest combination: a waffle cone of Espresso ice cream!


Five months of winter is far too long to go without ice cream. Fulfill your cravings for ice cream, coziness and warmth all at once.

The LOVEliest combination #2

Chocolate Sorbet and Salted Caramel

We present you with our second LOVEliest combination: a waffle cone of our famous Salted Caramel Ice Cream with our just-as-famous Chocolate Sorbet.

The LOVEliest combination #1

Apple Pie ice cream and Cranberry sorbet Valentine's Day 2016, here we come! We present you with our first LOVEliest combination: a cup of our seasonal Raspberry Sorbet with Chocolate Sorbet. This dairy-free pairing mimics our Raspberry Truffle from our chocolate shop that we have featured for Valentine's Day in the past few years. The Raspberry Sorbet is made from raspberries from… Continue reading

All about that crumb

blackberry crumb on spoon

Take a closer look at one of our recent limited-edition flavors. That, our #happyhedonists, is crumb. A delicious added texture to our Blackberry Ice Cream, creating Blackberry Crumb!

Year in Review: 2015

IC shop year in review

We had another wonderful year in 2015 with lots to celebrate.

How to revel in the cold — Hedonist style

Affogato with vanilla ice cream

There's one easy way to embrace the upcoming winter months: Eat ice cream, of course!

Introducing ice cream sandwiches

McCann's ice cream sandwich

Just when you think Hedonist couldn't get any better. We are excited to announce that we made our first batch of ice cream sandwiches!

Latest flavors bring holiday cheer

spoon of gingerbread cookie dough

It's officially the holiday season at Hedonist, as we have started to roll out classic ice cream flavors for this time of the year. Our head chocolatier/ice cream maker Joya put together two flavors: Gingerbread Cookie Dough (above) that features a vegan cookie dough made from sesame oil, as well as Egg Nog with authentic… Continue reading