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Four Flavors Made with Bell’s Brewery Beer

Pairing chocolate and wine is a favorite way for hedonists to indulge, but what about pairing ice cream and beer? We've dabbled in such decadence in the past; so when the chance came to create four flavors using stouts by Bell's Brewery, we were eager to please some senses. This collaboration with Bell's Brewery came… Continue reading

Peach Cobbler

Pie season is upon us! With Thanksgiving near, we're celebrating the flavors that often follow everyone's favorite feast, which is why we've created Peach Cobbler ice cream! This flavor is brought to life by an array of spices, walnuts that welcome a touch of crunch, and of course, plenty of peaches. Inspired by classic peach cobbler… Continue reading

Concord Grape Sorbet

When the leaves chameleonize and fall to the earth of upstate New York, the alluring aroma of concord grapes adds to the overall sensory pleasure of the season. As always, we aimed to perpetuate this pleasure, which is why we crafted our Concord Grape sorbet. The Finger Lakes are an especially ripe region for grapes… Continue reading


Whether you consider it tasty, trendy, or the best part about the best time of year, pumpkin has an inescapable presence in autumn. It seems that each year when the summer heat fades and the crisp air of fall arrives, excitement for the flavor of pumpkin grows. People pick pumpkins at patches with pies in… Continue reading

Watermelon Basil Sorbet

Watermelon Basil Sorbet

Nothing speaks summer more than biting into a fresh, cold slice of watermelon. Our kitchen staff took a venture to the public market recently and bought a ton of watermelon. Most of us "foodies" know that when you have watermelon you need. . .basil! The two flavors marry together like no other resulting in a… Continue reading

Fig & Waffle Bits

Fig & Waffle Bits

"Cup or waffle cone?" is the question customers are asked upon ordering ice cream in our shop. Since that can sometimes be a tough decision, our Fig & Waffle Bits flavor provides a simple solution. Making artisan ice cream calls for creativity, which is why we decided to use our waffle cones to their full… Continue reading

Winter Peach Ice Cream

Winter Peach Ice Cream

Who says winter isn't ice cream season? Our Winter Peach combines sweet and subtle peach notes with aromatic spices like fennel and white pepper to create an ice cream that positively sparkles with flavor. Meant to evoke a peach pie, the Winter Peach is crisp and bright, but warm enough to be part of any… Continue reading

Candy Cane & Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream

Candy Cane & Chocolate

For a taste of the North Pole, try our new Candy Cane and Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream! We start with organic peppermint and Pittsford Farms Dairy Cream, and then layer in our house-made chocolate sauce and crushed candy cane bits. you may even find some of our Candy Cane Bark in there too! This is… Continue reading

Olive Oil & Honey Ice Cream

Olive Oil & Honey

Foods cooked with oil are traditional treats for Hanukkah, so we've made our Olive Oil & Honey Ice Cream to celebrate the Festival of Light. We start, as always, with Pittsford Farms Dairy, into which we've blended sustainably grown California olive oil and a touch of Seneca Lake salt. The finished ice cream is laced… Continue reading

Brown Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Brown Butter Pecan

Butter Pecan is the favorite flavor of Head Glacier Nathaniel's dad, Marvin. So it was with fond memories of family ice cream time that he crafted our newest flavor. Browning the butter beforehand adds an extra dimension to the flavor, as does the grapevine smoked Seneca Lake Salt. The crunch of the sweet and salty… Continue reading