We are happy to offer shipping to customers outside the Rochester, NY area! If you would like to have ice cream shipped to yourself or as a gift to someone else, please call us at (585)461-2815 Monday-Friday between the hours of 10am and 9pm Eastern Time (ET) to place your order.

Things You Should Know

  • We ship our ice cream in $50 units of 5 pints. You can pick a flavor for each pint from those listed on our Home page or Facebook page.
  • Shipping costs range from $50-100 per unit, depending on how far the destination is from our Rochester, NY shop. You will be given a specific quote.
  • We only ship on Wednesdays, for arrival on Thursday. Orders placed after 2pm ET on Wednesday may be shipped out the following Wednesday. No ice cream will be in transit for more than 24 hours.
  • All ice cream will be shipped Standard Overnight via FedEx. You will receive a notification email with your FedEx tracking number when your order ships.
  • We are unable to ship to P.O Boxes, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or anywhere outside the United States.
  • We cannot intercept or redirect packages once they have been shipped.

Shipping on Dry Ice
We pack our ice cream in a well-insulated shipping box topped with dry ice, which keeps the interior at -109.3°F (colder than your freezer!). Even though we always include enough dry ice in the box to keep the ice cream frozen well into the evening of the delivery date, we encourage you to place the ice cream in a freezer immediately upon arrival. You (or your gift recipient) should exercise caution when opening the box and avoid direct skin contact when handling the dry ice.

Shipping Ice Cream as a Gift
Please contact the recipient to make sure they are going to be home the day their ice creams arrives. The box must be opened by the end of the delivery day and placed in a freezer immediately or the delicious treat inside will melt. Remember to include your name in the gift message that we will put in a handwritten note so the recipient knows who to thank! We never include receipts, pricing information or payment details in our gift shipments.